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Hi, my name is Fran and I have been making hand crafted QUILLOWS since 2000.  Quillows can be used by anyone no matter size, age or gender its the perfect fit.  Enjoy your shopping experience.  If you have any question or requests please feel free to contact me at: fran@quillowbyfran.com

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 What is a Quillow? 

A quillow is a personal-sized quilt that can be quickly and easily folded to make a decorative pillow.  As a pillow, it can complement any decor with its themed settings or designes. Unfolded as a quilt, you can snuggle from head-to-toe!  Also when it is opened it forms a pocket on the reverse side.  This pocket is to be used to keep your feet warm, while sitting in your favorite chair.

All the quillows I make are about six feet lond and over three and a half wide (approx. 44" X 70"). when used as a pillow, the rest of the quilt is folded up intl a 17" X 17"square pillow. Each quillow is machine stitched, 100% cotton fabric and filled with poly batting.  All are 100% machine wash and dryable

These are not just for children, they are for any age, size or gender.  I have heard many uses over the years such as: in cars, campers, boats, on airplanes, daycare mats, sleep overs, dorm rooms,  retirement homes and above all when you relax in your own home.

This unique product was first made in 1898 and also used the name "Quillow".  Therefore no trade mark or patent can be obtained.  Since 2000 I have participated in an average of 30 craft festivals a year in South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  

Please check back often. My products change regularly. 

I have recently added two categories to my web site consisting of "Hanging Quilts" amd "Bed Quilts". These articles were made by Barbra Baumann who quilted for several decades.  Unfortunately she has suffered a disability that precludes her from continuing her passion.  I have obtained several of her quality quilts and have posted them for purchase. 

 I am scheduled to attend the below listed craft shows for 2015.  I will  be up dating this list as the year goes on.  Come by and visit me if you are in the area.                                                

10/10 Apple Scrapple Festival Bridgeville De.  9am. to 5pm 

10/16-17-18th. Md. Home & Holiday Show, Timmonium Fair Grounds, Timmonium, Md. 

10/24-25 Quota Club Salisbury civic center, Booth #95, Salisbury, Md.

10/31 Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum 10am. to 4pm. St. Michaels

11/7 Dover Air Force Wives Club Holiday Fair, Deleware State Fair Grounds, Harrington, Del. 10am to 4pm

11/13-14-15-Waterfowl Festival, Easton, Md   

11/27-28-29th Holiday Shopping Fair, Ocean City, Md. 10am to 5pm

12/5 Xmas in Caroline, 4H Park, Harmony, Md. 


















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